in the middle2

Born in Porhdenone, Italian artist Alessandro Gottardo studied Illustration at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan and went on to work as an illustrator under the name Sashimi. In 2005 his second pseudonym, SHOUT, emerged marking a new and purposeful beginning for the artist. The success that followed led to worldwide recognition and the celebration of his work in important publications. He has won many gold medals including some of the industry's most prestigious from the Society of Illustrators and Society of Publication Designers.   Choosing a name that represented his idea to speak with his own true voice Shout's conscious goal was to work on projects where he could express his personal beliefs about a subject rather then always being forced to present the safe, commercial option. Describing sensitive issues with delicacy and elegance he lends his hand to many NGO projects, charitable causes and political articles.  “The idea always triumphs over style”  Shout lacks neither, fluid and minimal, his reductive technique and spacious compositions draw you in seductively. Narrative scenes composed of soft colours are interjected with flashes of red, where significant objects lead the eye to where the underlying idea is revealed. His graphic works get straight to the point with much closer perspectives and centralized subjects. Wonderfully textured, his works look hand drawn, or printed yet, surprisingly, they are digitally produced. Shout's subtle and poetic creations seduce you into thinking you know what your looking at...look again.